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The Filato Mosaic Course will give you a very refined technique that allows you to produce very minute enamel tiles used for the realization of this type of mosaic, during the course the technique of fire spinning is taught.

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the spun mosaic course costs  € 1500,00

THE PROGRAM COURSE  The course is based upon 4 levels, each one consisting of 8 lessons of 3 hours (24 hours in total). Levels 2, 3, 4 can be attended separately:
  • 1st Level: approach with fire, spinning, carrying out a simple job.
  • 2nd Level: study of colours, realizations in fire of different shapes, realization of a work of higher difficulty.
  • 3rd Level: study of supports, spinning practice, extension of the chromatic range, creation of a work based on a traditional model.
  • 4th Level: improvement, planning and freedom of expression.

The course includes 1st Level only. Levels 2, 3, 4 can be attended separately


The spun mosaic technique involves the fire spinning of the glazes to obtain multiple shades and various shapes of the tesserae and was born in Rome at the end of the eighteenth century, where it immediately became famous as a tool for composing small works. During the eighteenth century mosaicists were trained in the famous Fabbrica di San Pietro, who will contribute to the decoration of the Basilica of San Pietro with colored glass enamels, cut into square shapes and fixed with mastic. Unlike painting or fresco, the mosaic is composed of a non-perishable material and less subject to degradation due to infiltration of humidity and impurities in the environment. Hence the minute and spun mosaics, this technique allows you to produce tesserae in many colors and often less than a millimeter in size. To make a wand, called a display case, we take several mothers dyed with glass glazes and put them in a crucible. By fusing the glass paste with a flame and, when the dough is well blended, the cases are spun with a fire tongs.

The mosaicist teacher

Maria Teresa Vacchini was born in Vatican City, where she learned the first notions of the art of mosaic, following courses taught by Maestro Vincenzo Renzi at the “Study of the Vatican Mosaic”. Subsequently, she specialized in minute mosaic, choosing subjects belonging to the Roman tradition of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. As a painter and mosaicist, she has taken part in multiple exhibitions. Currently his works are cited in several foreign magazines and exhibited all over the world.

The Mosaic Workshop is open from 09:30 until 16:00

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