Daily Mosaic Workshop


With this 2-hour course you will learn the basics of tile cutting and complete a small piece of work to take with you as a souvenir. At the end you can take advantage of a Light Lunch included.

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Ligth lunch

Buffet or light lunch at our self-service "Il Colonnato"

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esclusive souvenir

At the end of your mosaic you can bring it with you

Mosaic Teacher

A teacher will follow you for the duration of the course

Available for all ages

The course is suitable for adults and children


THE COURSE The daily workshop consists of a 2-hour lesson that has seen immersion in the ancient and precious art of Mosaic. To become on the subject you need 8 lessons that you can do with us. One of our professionals, I will continue to create a Mosaic to take with me at the end of the lesson, as an exclusive souvenir piece. The course is also suitable for minors, who can unleash their creativity. With our course you will be able to create with you a special memory of Rome: we have proposed a mosaic reproduction of the main monuments, a traditional writing “Rome” or “SPQR” in marble tiles, frames or mirrors. The mosaic teacher: Maria Teresa Vacchini was born in the Vatican City, where she learned the first notions of the art of mosaic, following courses held by Maestro Vincenzo Renzi at the “Vatican Mosaic Studio”. Subsequently, she specialized in minute mosaics, selecting subjects belonging to the Roman tradition of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. As a painter and mosaicist, she has captured part of the multiple exhibitions. Currently his works are cited in various foreign magazines and exhibited all over the world. Reductions: Costs for Reduced pax (Children up to 12 years): From 1 to 3 pax: 90.00 euros each. Day 4 to 11 pax: 75.00 euros each. From 12 to 25 pax: 55.00 euros each. Cost per full pax (Adult): From 1 to 3 pax: 95.00 euros each. Day 4 to 11 pax: 85.00 euros each. From 12 to 25 pax: 75.00 euros each.

The Mosaic Workshop is open from 09:30 until 16:00

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