Walk to the Park of the Roman Aqueducts


We returned from a walk in SOUTHERN ROME, in the center of the Roman Aqueduct Park where we visited the aqueducts of the aqua march, the aqua tepula, the aqua julia of the republican age that brought water from the sources of the hills albani to the center of rome! we stepped on the LATINA street, the one built at the end of the fourth century BC – beginning of the third century BC. , parallel to via appia antica … ..and to finish we went through the SISTINO aqueduct (by Pope Sixtus V) who in 1583 using the Roman aqueduct built a “ugly” one whose primary intention was to supply the papal villa with water that extended over both the hills … for this said pontifical aqueduct .. all this story told by our talented and passionate archaeologist and guide of Rome Romina Lunetta who made us relive the Roman “genius” …. with her great enthusiasm!


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