Ostia Antica – Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of over 2000 years ago


Ostia Antica was abandoned around the 5th century AD. and, visiting it today so preserved, allows you to immerse yourself completely in the atmosphere of 2,000 years ago, like an ancient Roman. A lively and animated city with shops, warehouses for goods imported from every corner of the Mediterranean, streets, spas, fountains and frequented by people of all kinds.


– The Decumanus Maximus

The Decumano Massimo, in paving 9 m wide and 820 m long, is the main street of the city. It starts from the Roman gate and forms the continuation of the via Ostiense within the city walls.


– The Capitolium

Among the religious buildings, the Capitolium was the largest of the marble-clad temples. It was located in the center of the city, in the square of the Forum, and was dedicated to Jupiter, Juno and Minerva. It was built around 120 AD, entirely in brick, with a high podium and front staircase.


– Theater

The Theater, built towards the end of the 1st century BC, is to be considered as one of the oldest Roman masonry theaters. The building, at the beginning of the third century AD, was renovated in brick and enlarged, bringing the capacity to about 3500-4000 spectators.


– Baths of Neptune

As for the spas, in Ostia Antica you will find as many as you want, one more luxurious than the other, with truly prestigious mosaic floors. Among the most beautiful, the Baths of Neptune have on the floor a mosaic depicting the god Neptune driving 4 sea horses.


– The Thermopolium

It was the inn of the Roman age, the refreshment point with a marble counter and dishes on the menu frescoed on the walls. The Thermopoly in via della Casa di Diana, is located near the Forum, therefore in a very central position, and is the most preserved and famous.


– The Domus of Cupid and Psyche

Among the many private houses, the domus of Cupid and Psyche stands out above all. Thanks to its marble inlaid floors and the marvelous sculpture that portrays the very young Cupid and Psyche kissing, it will surely conquer you.


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