Walk to the Garbatella


Our very good friend Rome tour guide Arianna F. took us for a walk in one of the “clinging” neighborhoods of Rome .. the Garbatella! And we discovered so much history that we didn’t know.

“Garbatella was officially born on February 18, 1920: the first stone was laid by King Vittorio Emanuele III in the current Piazza Benedetto Brini” … There are several legends about why the neighborhood is so called, it seems that the origin of the name comes from a nice hostess who had a tavern along the street of the seven churches and was so gentle and beautiful as to remain etched in the memories of the pilgrims who passed along Street. The neighborhood was born with the intention of building a port along the Tiber near the Ostiense station to make it easier to transport the goods produced and to move between the goods and the station. The neighborhood therefore had to be suitable for the workers who worked between the port and the station and the general markets. For this reason the neighborhood shows the names of more or less famous people linked to the sea from Christopher Columbus to Vasco da Gama to Giacinto Pullino and others.

Walk to the Garbatella

With this visit we went to discover one of the most suggestive neighborhoods in Rome, guided in the heart of the “Safe Walls” project The “SAFE WALLS” association was born after the earthquake in central Italy in 2016, finances Street Art works and offers charity tours for the reconstruction of the walls from the earthquake. Thanks to our friend guide Arianna F. for the wonderful discovery of this neighborhood. Follow us on our pages #savellimoments #artandtraditiontours to find out about the visits we will organize for the month of July which is taking care of Emanuela Moriggi


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