500 years after the death of Raphael


500 years after the death of Raphael

An unprecedented exhibition 500 years after the Master’s death, in which ten Raphael tapestries are exhibited in the Sistine Chapel. An idea of ​​Barbara Jatta and the direction of the Vatican Museums to pay homage to the Master.

Delivery of the keys

What do we know about the Tapestries

In total, ten tapestries were made showing the stories of Saints Peter and Paul!

  • The Miraculous Fishing
  • Delivery of the Keys
  • Punishment of Elima
  • Sacrifice of Lystra
  • Healing of the Cripple
  • Sermon of St. Paul
  • Death of Ananias
  • Stoning of St. Stephen
  • Conversion of Saul
  • San Paolo in Prison

Leo X wanted at all costs to link his name to the imprint of the Sistine Chapel, so he decided to donate some Tapestries woven in Brussels, whose designs were created by Raffaello Sanzio. In this Enterprise Raphael measures himself directly with Michelangelo, for a very complex job he is full of difficulties such as that of drawing in a mirrored way, a hard job so much that he almost abandoned the painting of the Rooms.

pesca Miracolosa
The miraculous catch

Today the tapestries are exhibited in the “Scuderie del Quirinale” again in an exhibition dedicated to Raffaello Sanzio. Do not miss the opportunity to take a picture next to the “Miraculous Fishing” that it is a good omen for all of you and for your wishes that you want to realize.

The Sistine Chapel

The renowned Sistine Chapel

Exclusive tour of the Vatican Museums behind closed doors “Good Morning Vatican” a gift and an opportunity to escape from the work routine and admire the beauty of this wonderful collection. You will immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience, where you will be guided by an art historian and you will see sectors closed to the public. Accompanied by the “Clavigero”, the one who keeps the keys of the Vatican Museums, he will give you permission to turn on the lights and give you the keys to open the various sectors. Take the opportunity to take a group photo to immortalize the uniqueness of the moment experienced exclusively. At the end, enjoy breakfast at the “Cortile della Pigna” with products derived from raw materials of the Pontifical Farms.


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