Mosaic Art

The Savelli family has a long tradition in mosaic (as collectors, connoisseurs and as a prestigious mosaic school) and therefore decided to share this passion with as many people as possible.

For years, our workshop in via Paolo VI 27, in the Savelli Arte e Tradizione headquarters, has welcomed adults and children who want to learn the art of the muses through a course or wish to relax creatively and create a great little masterpiece in a couple of days. hours or in short workshops.

In addition to local customers and Italians, we offer families and groups on holiday, who come from afar to admire the beauties of Rome, themed mosaic workshops, which engage them and allow them to relax during the tours.

Adults can create frames, mirrors or reproductions of monuments that they may have seen or will go to see; for children we have simpler subjects, mirrors, animal silhouettes, pictures with subjects drawn from cartoons or simplified and colorful monuments.

We are available to agencies and tour operators who can, by appointment, come to visit us and evaluate all our offers, where we can include lunch, breakfast, snacks or other forms of entertainment.

For a different tourism, which offers a special souvenir!

The mosaicist teacher:

Maria Teresa Vacchini was born in Vatican City, where she learned the first notions of the art of mosaic, following courses taught by Maestro Vincenzo Renzi at the “Study of the Vatican Mosaic“. Subsequently, she specialized in minute mosaic, choosing subjects belonging to the Roman tradition of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. As a painter and mosaicist, she has taken part in multiple exhibitions. Currently his works are cited in several foreign magazines and exhibited all over the world.

Mosaic Reductions:

For small groups of 4 to 10 people there is a reduction for the daily Workshop.