Castelli Romani – Albano Laziale and Nemi


– Castelli Romani – Albano Laziale and Nemi – The Castelli Romani are truly a discovery for a tour near Rome, different, unusual and fascinating at the same time. Thanks to our always talented licensed and passionate guides of archeology, you can visit Albano Laziale and Nemi, among antiquities, landscapes and typical Roman cuisine. – […]

Raphael’s exhibition at the Quirinale stables


– The Quirinale Stables Born at the beginning of the eighteenth century by Carlo Fontana, passing through Pope Innocent XIII who commissioned Alessandro Specchi for a first restoration, and then completed it in 1730 with Ferdinando Fuga commissioned by Pope Clement XII, the Scuderie al Quirinale building has retained its original function as a shed […]

Visit to Villa d’Este


Our dear friend tour guide Arianna F. tells us this beautiful story: The villa was built in 1550 by Cardinal Ippolito d’Este then governor of the city of Tivoli, son of Lucrezia Borgia, daughter of Pope Alessandro Borgia … a man descended from one of the most culturally and artistically illustrious families, the Este of […]

Walk to the Garbatella


Our very good friend Rome tour guide Arianna F. took us for a walk in one of the “clinging” neighborhoods of Rome .. the Garbatella! And we discovered so much history that we didn’t know. “Garbatella was officially born on February 18, 1920: the first stone was laid by King Vittorio Emanuele III in […]

Walk to the Park of the Roman Aqueducts


We returned from a walk in SOUTHERN ROME, in the center of the Roman Aqueduct Park where we visited the aqueducts of the aqua march, the aqua tepula, the aqua julia of the republican age that brought water from the sources of the hills albani to the center of rome! we stepped on the LATINA […]